Reading Packages

Choose Your Reading Package

Store the eBooks on your Kindle device or download them for use on your phone, computer, iPad or tablet so that you will always have something for your children to read and enjoy, wherever they are.

How to download our Reading Packages

Each package comes with 8 eBooks as a PDF file and audios as an mp4 so you can easily access it on any device. When you purchase our reading packages, you will automatically be emailed the links to download the ebooks. Simply download the file, save it to your device and open it in the appropriate application. If your device does not already have the right applications, you can easily download them. If you have any problems opening the files on your device, please email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

How to use the eBooks

Read the e-book to your child as they listen and watch; about 3 times. Your child can choose a book from a specific series.  This is a very important time of togetherness, so all iPhones and other devices should be put away during this special “Reading Time”.  Please be aware of the amount of time spent looking at the screen on any device. Go to this link for recommended screening time for young children.

Let your child start listening to the eBook by clicking on the book cover with your help. Then click “audio play” button on the page to start listening to the audio. When audio for that page is finished, click on the bottom right hand corner of the page and it will turn (similar to one in a traditional book) to the next page.

How to use the Black and White "Fill in the Gaps" Activity Books

After your child has listened to an e-book a few times, you can then download the B/W version of the specific book you’ve been reading. Print it out and make it into a little booklet with your child.  You can then choose from some of the following activities (click on the link if you need help in making the booklet): 

  1. Color the pictures ( you can color with your child or they can do it independently)
  2. Let your child work out what word is missing and they can fill in the missing words. They can also refer to the e-book to help them out
  3. If your child is too young to write, read the book together again and see if they can guess the missing word.  You may need to provide two word choices and then write the word for them.  Always give your child the opportunity to think and time to work out their answers.