Oopsy Daisy Reading Program

Oopsy Daisy Reading™ Program 

Elizabeth Leontieff-Johnson with artist Serena Dee, have created “The Oopsy Daisy Reading Programme” ™ to be a very enjoyable learning experience for your child as you support them while they learn to read in English. What’s good is that it fits a multiplicity of cultural contexts because all the books keep the interests of your young child in mind.

The Oopsy Daisy Reading package comprises 58 books in 5 packages for you to use in any sequence that you like. We suggest you work out with your child what books they would like to read with you. Remember this is a program where you work “WITH” your child; as young children need your warmth and support.  As you read the books to them they will join in when they feel confident enough to do so.

Oopsy Daisy Reading™ Books 

  • 26 Little Sound Books (e-books with audio) plus 26 B/W “Fill in the Gaps” coloring books
  • 8 Dinosaur Readers (e-books with audio) plus 8 B/W”Fill in the Gaps” coloring books
  • 8 Little Lamb Books (e-books with audio) plus 8 B/W “Fill in the Gaps” coloring books
  • 8 Butterfly Books (e-books with audio) plus 8 B/W “Fill in the Gaps” coloring books
  • 8 Food Books (e-books with audio) plus 8 B/W “Fill in the Gaps” coloring books

The 26 Letter Books provide you with words beginning with the sound of each consonant and vowel in the English alphabet with an audio recording to reinforce the initial sound along with the spoken word.

All the books of the Oopsy Daisy Reading Program have been carefully written and illustrated to motivate your young child to listen to you read the books to them with enjoyment and ease. They also revolve around topics that you and your young child will love talking about because animals, family and playing are familiar to them. However, if you are not able to read English with ease there are audios that you and your child can listen to as you go through each book together.

Each book has been creatively and lovingly designed to bring the English language “Alive” for your child. The vibrant colours, cartoon characters and illustrations (with matching language structures) will capture the imagination and interest of your young child instantaneously whilst the repetitive language patterns will provide a high level of support in these early stages of “Learning to Read”. All these factors boost the child’s confidence and keeps them engaged in what they are reading.

When a book is “child friendly” and at the their reading level, it naturally lends itself to being read over and over again.  Then it brings them much pleasure and success. When your child experiences success, their confidence will improve and they will be self- motivated to pick up and read more and more books with you.  Reading together will become a positive and meaningful experience for you and your child.

The more books your child reads successfully and happily, with you or independently, the more competent they will become with English in their daily lives and academic purposes. Not only will this learning experience benefit your child, you will also develop a close bond … a special gift that is priceless for you as a parent … A beautiful memory that will stay etched in your hearts forever.