Oopsy Daisy Reading

A music and movement reading program for ages 0 – 8

Welcome to Oopsy Daisy Reading

We trust you and your child will enjoy perusing the Oopsydaisy Reading Books in our Bookstore that we’ve been developing. May you see their value and be inspired to use them on your “Learning to Read” and/or “Learning English” journey.

About seven years ago while running a Guided Reading Programs at our Language Centre, we started seeking out various international reading Programs that would suit both English and Non-English speakers.

Although we sourced many quality Reading Programs on the International market, we only found a few that catered specifically to young children from English and Non-English speaking backgrounds between 0 – 8 years. Believing that there was a huge need to provide quality early readers, we started to work on developing our own reading program.

Our Reading Packages

All the books of the Oopsy Daisy Reading Program have been carefully written and illustrated to motivate your young child to listen to you read the books to them with enjoyment and ease. They also revolve around topics that you and your young child will love talking about because animals, family and playing are familiar to them. However, if you are not able to read English with ease there are audios that you and your child can listen to as you go through each book together.

Our Photo Gallery